Solar Panels Explained

The Average Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainable Energy

Solar panels are less expensive and more popular than ever before. Despite how rapidly it’s becoming normal to power your home using solar energy, the average person still has very little information on how solar panels work, what kinds exist, why they’re favored over other renewable energy sources, and how much they cost.

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Many of the resources online that explain solar energy use technical language and rely on industry-insider knowledge that most people don’t have. If you’re a homeowner who’s interested in investing in a sustainable energy source to power your home, you need that information in language that’s tailored to you. In this ebook, we’ll answer all of your questions and more.

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  • The primary types of renewable energy
  • Why solar is the best fit for the average residence
  • The types of solar panels
  • The pros and cons of solar energy
  • How much solar really costs
  • Where to look for installation guidance
  • And more!

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